A morning with Brenda’s Warriors, taking on Honey Boo Boo, and an award winning screenplay tale

We were happy to be part of Brenda’s Warriors as we support our good friend in her fight against breast cancer. You’ll see highlights from our walk in the Race for the Cure 5k event with 30 of Brenda’s supporters and thousands more. Chris encounters his double at Harvey’s Lake, Shivaun takes on Honey Boo Boo with a creative commitment  for future episodes of our blog and you’ll hear a tale of Chris’s almost award-winning screen play. Oh, and Shivaun’s brother joins Facebook! It’s been quite a September so far….



Our Favorite Royal, More Shore Tales and Getting Ready for the Fall

Back to Reality! We’re ready for another vacation after a week of work and school. Last week we forgot to tell one of Shivaun’s favorite vacation stories, so we’ll do that today. Plus Chris shares his thoughts on royalty, and Fall.  Shivaun sits quietly in the background….Thanks for tuning in! 


Cape May Caper, Part 2

From Barber Shoppers to one of the best restaurants ever….to Parasailing and funny people from Boston, we experienced it all in our Cape May Caper. Plus, we have finally realized what we want to be when we grow up:  On Vacation! Our favorite part of this week’s episode is the parasailing operator’s answer to Shivaun’s question.  Next time you’re in Cape May, check out East Coast Parasailing, The Washington Inn, George’s, Dock Mike’s Pancakes, The Rusty Nail, 410 Bank Street. Oh yeah, and the beach!

Also featured…Special appearance by the Avalon Call Me Maybe girls and our Favorite Niece of the Week.

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He did it! and our latest Frequently Asked Question

Congratulations to Chris who was able to accomplish what only 3 people I know have done.  What was it? Swim in triathlon?  No. (although he did that, but I know lots of people who did.)  One pound burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger?  No. (Although he did that too….)

Drum roll….He finished James Joyce’s Ulysses! Yay Chris!  He’ll tell you the highlights, and we’ll answer our latest

Frequently Asked Question: When is a vacation not a vacation? 

The answer is included within this week’s episode: (This is part one of two.)   Subtitled: Getting there is half the fun.

Chris’s two great accomplishments

Ready to take it on!

We’re still up in the air as to which was the greatest accomplishment, the mile swim in the Triathlon, or the one pound burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger. You decide!  This all paves the way for next week’s great accomplishment….which starts with a “U.”   But that’s next week….Thanks for tuning in.

A Bazaar week or Why Chris and Shivaun won’t be asked back to St. Mary’s Bazaar…

Getting ready to spin the birthday wheel….

While Chris swims a mile in the lake this morning as part of a relay team for the Wilkes-Barre triathlon, we offer the activities from last weekend, which include highlights of two nights working St. Mary’s bazaar, and you’ll find out why we’re pretty sure they won’t be asking us back.  Plus, it’s redemption Sunday as we attempt to make up for a previous attempt at a “Fun Sunday with Shivaun” with Abby and Kelly.

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping in.

Finally! Well it’s Sunday somewhere….

Wow…It’s been almost two weeks since our last update, and we will have two episodes in the next few days.  First, tune in to find out what took us so long, Shivaun tells a favorite Mary Tyler Moore story,  and Chris gets to tell Shivaun of a viewer’s interesting analysis of her.  You’ll also catch up with the Habbels and see some jazz on the riverfront in Wilkes-Barre not to mention some footage from the concert of one of America’s greatest rock and roll stars.