Let’s get this party started!

Well, we are finally getting started with our blog.  About 10 years after we first had the idea.  As we do this, we are rolling out “Sundays with Shivstopher.”  As you might have guessed, Shivstopher is Shivaun and Christopher smooshed together. Oh sure, Shivaun always has to be first you’re saying….No, it was either that or Christaun, or perhaps O’Donahan  Chris and Shivaun

It is our hope that we will post a video every Sunday.  Of course it is also our hope that we win the lottery and do nothing all day every day, except our Sunday blog.  So, hopefully we’ll have better luck posting our videos.  So far, we filmed our first one on January 15, and our second one today February 5….

Here’s our first one.  Sundays with Shivstopher, The Debut! 

Be kind.  Still working out some issues.  Several issues…First, for some reason I seem to have accidentally deleted some of the video, right as Chris was going to launch into the Horse Molester story, it went  blank.  Ooops.  The doc on I-movie is pretty bad. I thought Macs were supposed to be so easy….Intuitive i-movie is not! But once we become super famous, you can say “Oh my God! Do you remember their first video??? It was so bad…..” (and yes, I do know it says “Enter subtitle text here” at the end….)

Also, even though I was kind of unmerciful about COD’s extra poundage, I am also on a ‘lose the extra 8 that I picked up along the way, somehow’ path, so no fat comments please…..Have a great week. We’ll see you next Sunday!


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  1. REALLY, Shivaun? You’re giving Chris public speaking lessons? YOU?????
    P.S. Is this going to be like Fx’s “Lights Out”…since I was the only one watching the show, they decided to cancel it….

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