And that’s the weight it is…

Not  a good thing when one decides to get one’s weight under control, and one actually gains.  Even worse, when the other one loses weight just by thinking about it, and buying rice cakes.  And so the adventures of Chris and Shivaun O’Donnell continue.  Today you’ll get the weight update, go over a few news items, and have a surprise visit from the One Laugh at Least group who happened to be over for a rehearsal today.  Please make sure you get your reservation in for our show on March 17, 2012 as we give Greg Korin the Final Kiss Off at, of all places, KISS Theatre in Wilkes-Barre. (At the Wyoming Valley Mall, near David’s Bridal)  Thanks Cindy Thomas. Find us on Facebook and make your reservation.

Thanks for stopping by.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this week’s entry, which is from 2.12.12, not 3.12.12 as indicated.  Oops.


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