A trip to the butcher, megamillions, tales of youth and Pikachu

Easter’s coming, and that sent Shivaun to Fetch’s Market in Wyoming to order a ham, and, well, you’ll hear the details. Chris and Shivaun review more entertaining local news, Chris summarizes what he would have done with the $640 million, Shivaun takes a trip down memory lane, and a brief glimpse of Pikachu.  Oh yes, and the weigh in results! All whittled down to 9:59 minutes, which is, just under the wire for YouTube’s 10 minute limit. Thanks for stopping in!

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  1. I’m just wondering….you were gonna stick the bone in the microwave….hmmm…..what did you think you were gonna do with it? Lol…..a soup bone maybe? Lol….too much!

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