Surprise! Chris turns 50 – two weeks early!

It was no surprise to me how many would want to help Chris celebrate his 50th birthday.  It was a bit of a surprise that we were all able to keep it from him for over a month! But we got him!! And we got the surprise on video, along with a hours worth of material, and really 90% of it is usable.  However, since we have not gotten our network contract for a 60 minute show, I had to fine tune my editing skills to whittle it down to be able to present the best highlights in two episodes.  In Chris’s Birthday part 2, Anne Elizabeth will be featured as our out-of-town guest, and we will feature so footage from the “Rock Band” portion of the basement. Expect that mid-week.

For now, help us celebrate Chris’s birthday in the Chris’s Birthday Part 1 episode. Extra special thanks to Janet DiMaria, Marlene LaFrance and Michael Rahl, all of whom make special contributions and all of whose names I left off of the closing credits.

Here’s some Chris Trivia…

Chris was born on May 6, 1962
Chris’s favorite snack is Popcorn
Chris’s favorite movie is “The Godfather”
Chris’s favorite vacation spot is Hawaii
What national landmark did Chris almost fall into? The Grand Canyon! (One of these days, and we have some of it on video, believe it or not!)
When did Chris marry Shivaun? August 24, 1996
What’s the name of the Comedy Group Chris belongs to?  One Laugh at Least.
What’s the name of the cat?  Pikachu
What does Chris do every Sunday? Sundays with Shivstopher
What does Chris plan to do this August? Participate in the Swim portion of triathlon
What are the names of Chris’s brother and sister?  George and Nancy


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