We are happy to say we finally produced Birthday Part II, which in the end had little to do with the Birthday. But it does feature a visit with Anne Elizabeth O’Donnell, who was in for Chris’s surprise party and an energizing Rockband session, in which Chris gently instructs Shivaun on her first session with the keyboard while Annie works without a foot pedal. It’ll be a Freebird like none other.  It should be noted there was possibly something wrong with the keyboard at the time…..You’ll also hear why it’s been so long since we’ve had a ‘show,’ you’ll be treated 3 of the 95 intros we recorded each time we thought were were going to finish the show, and you’ll see Shivaun’s socks experiment.

As it’s Mother’s Day, we dedicate this episode to our moms, Nancy O’Donnell (our roommate), and the late Margaret M. Henahan, both of whom showed great patience with their two “creative” children who were both noted as ‘needs to apply him/herself’ by their teachers. If you’re a mom with a kid who ‘isn’t living up to his potential,’ take heart.  Someday he or she might be playing Rockband or growing socks on the internet.

And also a special hello to Damon Szatkowski who we got to visit about two weeks ago. Many of you know his story —  a young man who was in a serious car accident around Christmastime  and is now at the rehab at Hershey Medical Center.  His story of recovery has been harrowing with dramatic turns in the road, and most recently one incredible miracle after another. We are cheering him on in his recovery and ask you to join us!For those of you hoping for the bike riding debut, adventures on the road, Shivaun’s tap dancing lessons with Bonnie Franklin and the weight status, and the first in the series of Frequently Asked Questions…..tune in next episode….

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  1. Shivaun-Congratulations on your 4.0! Chris…..loved the whiney, sucking-up student to teacher voice…

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