Vacation planning, a visit from Pikachu and Shivaun’s latest purchase

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Hard to believe, but two weeks in a row, on time! Yay! As May comes to a close, Chris and Shivaun plan their summer vacation and Chris offers tips for the perfect vacation. They also take a trip down memory lane for a story about a trip to Atlantic City. Finally, Shivaun has a new purchase to share, and tells of her first use of it. Oh, and Pikachu stops in for a drink…Here’s the latest from Sundays with Shivstopher!

On this Memorial Day weekend, we want to honor all veterans and all of those who gave their lives while serving in our armed forces. We both recognize how fortunate we are to live here, and how many have selflessly given their lives for our country.

Also, a special note in honor of Shivaun’s dad John F. Henahan, who would have celebrated his 85th birthday on Monday. He died in 2001 but not after making his mark on this world. He was a great man, and would have enjoyed this blog.  He embraced the internet, and appreciated how it enhanced his personal and professional life.


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  1. I believe Shivaun that you need to remind Chris that, in the immortal words of the aforementioned John Henahan, life (and vacations especially) thrive with “a certain level of tension”. I do not remember the exact occasion that these words were uttered about but I do remember that the credo was manifested on many a group outing. Shivaun you should just make sure that the itinerary is saved on a portable electronic device which can easily be dropped into the surf… on accident. Finally, here is to John Henahan without whom I would not have all of you fine folk in my life… love to you both and have a great and relaxing vacation!

    • Mary, that is so funny. Thank you for that memory of my father. That was wonderful. That ‘certain level of tension,’ LOL. (PS, I did pass this information on to Chris.)

  2. Mary, that is so funny. I never heard that from my father, but I certainly lived it, in both life and vacations. I guess you can say there was a lot of thriving going on Yosemite Street.

    Thanks for the memories. I love it. I passed on the information to Chris. Our vaca is in August, and Aunt Mary is going, so it’s going to be “Shivstopher” worthy I think….

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