Chris with time on his hands…

What’s a guy to do?  With the excitement of last week’s oven fire (a new oven is on the way, incidentally), the bar has been raised.   With some free time on his hands, Chris went all out.  Plus, you’ll get a Ulysses update and meet a dog of a flower girl at Amy and Drew Feldman’s wedding.  Oh, and a preview of our adventures on the Lehigh River Gorge.


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  1. VEry funny! Tell your mother I think the garden looks lovely. Chris: I would KILL the person who attempted to organize my spices!! If you do the cooking, OK but otherwise , KEEP YOU HANDS OFF!

  2. Chris: Re that Ulysses thing:
    I want you to know you’re in very good company. Not just me but also Elizabeth Gilbert, auther of Eat, Pray, Love. She has never gotten past pg. 10.

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