Rivers Rivers Everywhere…Wow! What a Ride!

If you’re anywhere near Wilkes-Barre today we hope you’ll stop by the River Common or Nesbitt Park (on the West Side of the River) for River Fest 2012.  We stopped by on Saturday, and Chris ‘volunteered’ to help out by rowing a dragon boat in a race on Sunday.

So today there are two episodes, all river oriented.  The first is last week’s visit to the Lehigh Gorge State park, and a 25 mile bike ride along the river. Plus we test out the iphone palm reader app, and some advice from Hunter S. Thompson.

Then, we have Saturday’s quick visit to River Fest. We hope to see you live in person today, Sunday June 24.

Feeling motivated? I think we edited out the info about the options, so if you want to do the Lehigh Gorge Trail, there are a few great options, easily doable:  10 miles, 15 miles or 25 miles. The shuttle takes you to your destination and you ride back. All flat. Or you can just drive to Jim Thorpe or White Haven and ride as far as you feel like and ride back.  We used www.poconobiking.com.


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