The cake that almost wasn’t, Pikachu interrogated, movie reviews and more…

PasqalesChickenCarbonaraThanks for stopping in.  Hope you had a good week.  We spent another week without an oven, and you know what that means. Stopping in one of the many great restaurants in the Wilkes-Barre area.  This week, our favorite was Pasquale’s on the San Souci Parkway in Hanover Township.  Here are some other reviews on yelp.

A special cake from Chris, and Pikachu is put under the interrogation spotlight.  A special Happy 18th Birthday goes out to Damon Szatkowski, and to his grandfather Nick who shares the same birthday.  So many of us are in awe of Damon’s daily progress in recovery from a car accident in December, as documented by his mom Karen on Facebook.

Here are the highlights of our week.  BTW…Chris is on page 348 of Ulysses….about halfway done!…



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