Finally! Well it’s Sunday somewhere….

Wow…It’s been almost two weeks since our last update, and we will have two episodes in the next few days.  First, tune in to find out what took us so long, Shivaun tells a favorite Mary Tyler Moore story,  and Chris gets to tell Shivaun of a viewer’s interesting analysis of her.  You’ll also catch up with the Habbels and see some jazz on the riverfront in Wilkes-Barre not to mention some footage from the concert of one of America’s greatest rock and roll stars.


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  1. Good to see you back! Chris, keep on slogging. I have read “Crime and Punishment” and “Pride and Prejudice” recently, and found these a little tough. I will leave “Ulysses” to you (or you to “Ulysses, whichever). Shivaun, I think you need more air time.

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