About Sundays with Shivstopher

Thanks for stopping by.  Sundays with Shivstopher is intended to be weekly musings from Chris and Shivaun O’Donnell from their secret location in Wilkes-Barre.  Got an idea or input?  Email us!

Christopher and Shivaun O’Donnell, (aka Shivstopher), a couple from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania has launched “Sundays with Shivstopher,” www.sundayswithshivstopher.com a weekly video in which they invite all to join them every Sunday. “People enjoy it whether they know us or not,” says Shivaun O’Donnell. Explaining the premise, she says “In five or ten minutes, we catch viewers up on the week’s happenings of Northeastern Pennsylvania as well as our little microcosm of the world,” says Shivaun O’Donnell.

Guest appearances have been made by Chris’s mother, the cat, the comedy troupe One Laugh at Least, niece’s Emily and Anne Elizabeth, and the frying pan from Shivaun’s first marriage. They’ve also covered they “Spring Break in Key West,” trip and have documented their weight loss competition. Most recently, Shivaun’s attempt at tap dancing lessons were chronicled.

Chris O’Donnell worked as a comedian for many years, before chucking life on the road for law school. He now works as a defense attorney in his home town of Wilkes-Barre. With Shivaun and two others , he founded the original sketch comedy and improv troupe One Laugh at Least,” in 1997. The group grew to six members and Chris wrote for and performed with the group until it recently disbanded due to the relocation of a member.

Working pretty much off the cuff, Chris and Shivaun sometimes have a few things jotted down on a list, but it’s not scripted. The local newspapers provide a great springboard for conversation, not to mention some of Shivaun’s experiences around town. “Who knew a trip to the butcher could be so entertaining,” Chris says, referring to a recent episode.

An entertainer at heart, Shivaun O’Donnell’s has made a living primarily in information technology and business management, but in the past also worked several years in radio. Besides working with One Laugh at Least, she has acted in community theater for many years. She is currently a full-time student, and helps Chris in his law office.

“We started ‘Sundays with Shivstopher,’ to stay connected with friends and family, and people are enjoying it so much, it’s free, and can be seen at anytime, so it fits in everyone’s schedule,” says Shivaun.


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