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Cape May Caper, Part 2

From Barber Shoppers to one of the best restaurants ever….to Parasailing and funny people from Boston, we experienced it all in our Cape May Caper. Plus, we have finally realized what we want to be when we grow up:  On Vacation! Our favorite part of this week’s episode is the parasailing operator’s answer to Shivaun’s question.  Next time you’re in Cape May, check out East Coast Parasailing, The Washington Inn, George’s, Dock Mike’s Pancakes, The Rusty Nail, 410 Bank Street. Oh yeah, and the beach!

Also featured…Special appearance by the Avalon Call Me Maybe girls and our Favorite Niece of the Week.

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He did it! and our latest Frequently Asked Question

Congratulations to Chris who was able to accomplish what only 3 people I know have done.  What was it? Swim in triathlon?  No. (although he did that, but I know lots of people who did.)  One pound burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger?  No. (Although he did that too….)

Drum roll….He finished James Joyce’s Ulysses! Yay Chris!  He’ll tell you the highlights, and we’ll answer our latest

Frequently Asked Question: When is a vacation not a vacation? 

The answer is included within this week’s episode: (This is part one of two.)   Subtitled: Getting there is half the fun.